Wow. My third blog post. I never thought this day would come. My whole life people have told me “you will never make it to three blog posts! just give up!!”…but look at me now, you fucking cockroaches. three blog posts.

Last year My grandfather passed away from cancer. His final words to me were: “Colby, don’t listen to the haters who say that writing three blog posts is an impossible feat. I believe that you can do it. You’ve got the power in you. Okay bye bye.” Today I know my grandpa is up in heaven, playing cards and smoking cigars with God/Jesus and a bunch of sexy ass angel ladies. And they are all smiling down on me on this day of victory.

so, anyway, I uhhh get a lot of messages from people on instagram asking me what software I use to make the videos and the other digital shit I make. Most of the time I reply with the classic “A good magician never reveals his tricks” line, But to tell you the truth, magic is for dorks, nerds, and little kids who will probably grow up to be dorks/nerds. I would rather share my knowledge so that other people can attempt to make cool shit like me. I don’t have any programs on my computer. Everything I make digitally is created with my iPhone. i dont have photoshop, pretty sure i wouldn’t even know how to do anything with it. instead of learning a computer program, i’d rather use a bunch of apps. is it more efficient? probably not. oh well! here are the apps I use.

trailer park hero’s
official guide to making cool shit your phone
(by trailer park hero)

1. enlight videoleap

I started with this one because it’s my favorite app. i use it more than any other app (besides my “holy bible” app of course). it’s kind of crazy how many video editing apps there are and they all lack so many SIMPLE key functions, like being able to resize and transform/crop your video OR add multiple layers of text/audio/etc. videoleap is extremely user friendly allowing for full creative freedom. just drag and drop clips wherever the hell you feel like it. add keys frames to adjust effects, text, sound effects, whatever however you desire.

pro tip: videoleap is free but restricts you to limited features. i highly suggest paying the $3/mo for full features. then you can stack unlimited layers, effects, etc. the best part is you gain access to a metric fuckton of stock footage. here you can find video overlays (grain, burns, etc) or just some weird god damn stock footage of like an old man arm wrestling his grandkid. seriously just type in any word and browse.

here’s the kicker: once you go to save your video, if you’ve used any stock footage it asks you to pay for each clip you used. idk about you but I’m an american and it is my god given right to have access to unlimited free stock footage.

here’s the loophole: instead of saving the video to your device, just open up your handy dandy screen recorder and capture that shit. it may take some practice making sure you record the audio with it. also i think it slightly decreases the quality of the video im sorry okaaay I’m not a god damn miracle worker though. do you want my advice or not? i’ll seriously walk out of this door right this instant. they already paid me the money for this lecture i’m just riding out the clock at this point, so you better watch that attitude of yours.

download videoleap

2. enlight photofox

HONESTLY this app is basically what I just described for videoleap but just for photos. it gives you the ability to adjust levels, add layers and blend shit, all that good shit. it’s also free with the option to upgrade. i upgraded to the pro version but I think you can do some pretty cool stuff with the free version.

protip: there are some effects you can add that seem cheesy at first, but take some time to mess around with everything. sometimes something just works and leaves you with a cool ass photo (not literally as ass photo, unless of course you’re editing a photo of somebody’s ass - which is pretty badass honestly)

download photofox

3. phonto

Phonto is a simple (and free) app that allows you to add text to pictures. you can also easily download any font you want from dafont.com and phonto will import it. there are a couple features you can choose to pay for - making your text 3D or erasing parts of a word for depth effect.

protip: if you took my advice and downloaded photofox and you want to erase parts of a word or letter to make it appear like the words are behind a building or tree or whatever and you don’t want to pay for the “erase” tool on phonto, just put the text on a white background and save it as a photo, then open photofox, blend that shit and erase the parts you don’t want.

did that make any sense at all?
did that make any sense at all?
yes it made sense

alright this photo editing app is kind of crazy. this app definitely is wearing supreme and definitely has smoked some DMT. it takes something ordinary and makes it psychedelic. i’ve been messing with it for a couple of years now and i’m still figuring stuff out. the app kind of sucked when it first came out cuz the developers never ever updated it but they did and now you can mess around videos. apparently the developers still never update it but whatever it’s current version is cool enough 4 me.

protip: pay for the ability to use the “camera” option. smoke some weed. go to the “lines” effect. walk around your bedroom for a couple of hours. meet god.


5. Google Photos

So I almost didn’t include this because I figured, it’s almost 2019, everybody has google photos…then discovered that my dear friend nikita, who is a photographer, didn’t have it. so maybe he’s just dumb as shit but you gotta get google photos if you don’t already. automatically backsup every photo you take and allows you search for photos by typing in recognizable things “sunset” “dog” “penis” etc.

protip: don’t be like nikita

Alright i’m over this blog post now, sorry I know that wasn’t that many apps
but whatever
i’m gonna go draw now!
thanks for reading

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thanks i love you byyyyeee!!!!
- colby park hero


Snapseed - great, simple photo editor from google
Juxtaposer - i used to have this before photofox for layering/blending photos n whatnot
imgplay - great lil app for making gifs from live photos or videos
adobe capture - take the things you see in real life and capture that shit to use for design
kirakira+ - make your world sparkle for $1



I made this video immediately after moving to Austin nearly two years ago because I really missed my friends from my hometown. It was removed off of Vimeo (I think because of the Frank Ocean instrumental) so here’s my attempt at reuploading it. I still miss my friends from Amarillo very much, but I am happy where I’m at in Austin and I have made a lot of new friends which is great. (The guitar you hear in the second half is played by Hayden Pedigo, a great musician from Amarillo. The poem you hear is read by Lauren Steele, Alastair, and Jason Driver.)




Hey friends!

So, I’m very excited.
Why? Well, multiple reasons:
• It was cold enough to wear a sweater in Austin today.
• My website is looking pretty damn incredible (I mean, look around you, isn’t this great?)
• I have been meeting a lot of internet friends IRL, which is always nice and inspiring.
• I am creating my very first animated short!

I’ve been watching a lot of interviews with Mike Judge (King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead) and it’s inspired me to get to work. Up to this point I have always thought waaay too hard about animation and always just assumed it was a ton of work…which it is, but it’s also possible to animate simple things without putting too much work into it. You can see an example of that in one of Judge’s earlier animations here.

My idea is to draw the backgrounds/setting for the animation. The first part of my animated short, which will be titled “Choices”, will take place inside of a grocery store. I very quickly drew up a sloppy frozen food aisle:

scan 110.jpeg

So I have this background. Now it’s time to add shoppers and other things you’d see in a grocery store. I really am too impatient to draw a bunch of shoppers, so I used stock footage I found of people pushing carts in front of green screens.

(Since I can’t afford software for my computer, I edit all of my videos on an app called Videoleap - I highly recommend it.)

After that, I added a dash of NAT audio of a grocery store that I ripped from YouTube. I do not recommend illegally downloading stock footage and audio from the internet, but hey it’s always worked for me! :-)

I used keyframes to make it seem like a camera was moving around. I'm a god damn genius.

Voila! Just like that, we have the start to an animated video. I plan on actually animating the main character, I just like the idea of using real people for background characters. This is just 10 seconds of what will probably be close to a minutes worth of animation. I have a storyboard and notes and all of that shit. I’m PUMPED. YEAH! FIRED UP BABY. THERE’S NO STOPPING ME!

Anyways. I’ve got some other things in the works too. But I have to focus on one thing at a time.
I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my website and reading my first stupid blog post. As a token of my appreciation, I will include an offer code at the very bottom of this post that you can use in my store.

I am going to enable comments on all of my blogs because I want to hear from y’all.
What would you like to see from me?
How could my website be better?
What types of products should I add to my store?
What should I do with my life?


Yours Truly,

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